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This is India at London design fair


India found itself in the spotlight at the recently concluded London Design Fair with the ‘This is India’ exhibit

If there was any doubt that the design scene is thriving in India, the aptly named ‘This is India’ exhibit at the London Design Fair, part of the London Design Festival, dispelled any remaining doubts. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the London Design Fair, and given the close ties that the UK has with India, the festival organisers selected India as its first annual guest country pavilion. The result was  ‘This Is India’, an exhibit co-curated by Tiipoi’s founder Spandana Gopal and the London Design Fair’s Jimmy McDonald and designed by Kangan Arora. The exhibit sought to showcase emerging and established India-centric designers and brands across product, textile and furniture. The featured designers included Claymen, Objectry, Cobalt Design, Injiri, Leah Singh, Rubberband, Safomasi, Shed, Tamaa, Taxi Fabric, To & From and Urmi Weave.  If there has ever been a time for design to be centerstage in India, that time would be now.


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