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Interior designer Tushant Bansal talking about his passion for design

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We caught up with Tushant Bansal, New Delhi-based designer and founder of multidisciplinary studio Tuba Design to know about how he got started—and his newest passion: product design

Making a career in interior design wasn’t an intention that Tushant Bansal harboured. But it did have a sense of inevitability, having meandered into it after trying his hand at finance, actuarial science and chartered accountancy. Bansal finally settled on a masters in interior design and furniture from Florence Design Academy, Italy. For the founder of New Delhi-based interior and product design practice, Tuba Design, design was visceral, intuitive almost. And since its establishment in 2015, Bansal’s studio has completed 25 projects, from holiday homes, residences, commercial spaces—and product and furniture design. His debut as a product designer began with the 2018 Brianna collection of book holders, vases, candle sticks, paper trays, planters and paper bins. Here, we discover more about what drew Bansal to design, his foray into product creation and his penchant for innovation.

What got you interested in design?
My love for playing with shapes, colours, materials or mediums is what led me to choose this path. When I was younger, every time I would travel, I would always very meticulously notice houses, buildings, or landscapes, and feel curious to see how they looked from inside. I have always been an art enthusiast too.

How would you define your design aesthetic?
Contemporary. While I love mixing styles, the core design aesthetic remains constant in every project.

The wall panel in the sitting lounge in the sandalwood house has a watery effect in Prussian blue and other related shades of blue.

Tushant Bansal completed the sandalwood house in New Delhi in 2018. The wall panelling for this home was done in sandalwood which is where the house got its name.

While working on city apartments, how do you overcome the challenge of space constraints?
The most challenging aspect of city apartments is to maximise spaces. Considering the growing number of families that are raising their kids in inner cities, it is also very important to create a child-friendly living space. In such cases, emphasis on designing balconies, outdoor seating, terrace gardens, among other considerations, becomes more important to a decent standard of sustainable living.

Which Indian brands do you use for your interior projects?
Atmosphere, Floor and Furnishings, FCML India, Jaipur Rugs, Quba Kitchens and Flos India are always a part of every project.

How did you decide to venture into product design?
I have been designing products and furniture since 2015 but those were custom made for my interior projects. But when it came to thinking about creating a collection of products, it was all about finding the right inspiration, determination and courage to pick up a pencil and start scribbling down ideas.

What, if any, is the common element that runs through your spaces and your products?
As far as a commonality to my work goes, I’d say the essence of minimal or contemporary design, neutral elements and focus on line, shape and form is pretty much evidenced across all my work.

You chose to foray into product design with slightly unconventional pieces…
I wanted my debut collection to be about the pieces I have always worked very hard to find while designing interiors. It sort of came as an inspiration to create these products, which form the Brianna collection. Before I introduced my creations to the Indian market though, I began selling them in London through a high-end luxury design house that sells worldwide, for about a year-and-a-half now.

Which materials do you like working with?
Mixed media, natural solid wood, brass, bronze, marble, ceramic, concrete, leather.

Are you planning on extending the current line-up of products?
There will be a few more additions made this summer to my current product range from the Brianna collection. I am also working on a new collection, which will be launched this fall.

This holiday home in Himachal was completed in 2019. The writing desk seen here looks into a valley of Kasauli on all three sides.

 Book holders, lanterns, candlesticks, paper tray, paper bins/planters, coasters
Price: Rs 9,000 to Rs 18,000
Website: www.tushantbansal.com
Availability: For orders, email tushant.bansal26@gmail.com or info@tushantbansal.com or visit the website.

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