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Top ten with Mozez Singh

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He dons many hats, that of a storyteller, filmmaker, writer, producer, and director. But our favourite was when he played the part of a designer with his Mughal Pop collection retailed at Good Earth. Here, he shares with us a few of his favourite things

What is the last big décor purchase that you made for your home?
Rock crystal totems and natural rock formation Shivlings. 

How would you describe your personal décor style?
Eclectic meets eccentric.

The one thing we would always find on your desk?
My orange suede notebook from Hermes.

What are you reading right now?
“Conundrum” by Jan Morris. It’s the brilliant first hand account of the author’s transition from the male to the female sex. 

One gadget that you can’t do without?
My iPhone 7. 

Tell us about the last time you saw a great piece of art?
I visited the private collections of the Middle Eastern and the Asian rooms at the V&A museum in London. I have been to these rooms many times because they are so phenomenal and they really move me.  

One holiday destination that you never tire of?

Your favourite restaurant?
Yata, Kyoto, Japan. 

One trend you are following right now?
Crazy prints for the home and the wardrobe.

One décor trend you think has been done to death?

A constant source of inspiration for you?

Are you a dog person or cat person?
Dog, always and forever.

One décor style that you will never try?
Branded furniture.

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