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Top ten with Kayaan Contractor

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Fashion influencer Kayaan Contractor of Shapeshifter talks to us about what she loves most about her home

One of the most popular fashion bloggers in the country, Kayaan Contractor has been instrumental in influencing many millennials and their style. We asked the Founder and Creative Director at Shapeshifter ten quick questions.

Name 4 things on your bedside table. 
A bottle of water, AC remote, phone and phone charger.

Minimal or Maximal?
Minimal... that way there's room to go maximal if you fancy.

The one spot in your home that comforts you?
My kitchen.

Favourite piece of furniture in the house you grew up in?
My grandmother’s rocking chair   

What are your two most important house rules?
Must love dogs. And if you borrow my books, bring them back!

The coolest thing you’ve bought for your home?
Well, I didn't but my mother is the gadget queen of the kitchen. She has bought everything from waffle makers to popcorn makers and other handheld kitchen appliances. But the coolest one, hands down, has got to be the electric meat carver. 

Favourite family heirloom?
There are a lot of huge paintings and old Parsi furniture in my grandparents' home. My most favourite is this set of wicker chairs that I just can't seem to get enough of every time I visit. I've literally called dibs on those!

On your decor wishlist right now?

A book-lover, Kayaan has no particular house rules, but the one she is the most stringent about is if you do borrow her books, then you need to return it.

I haven’t found the perfect blinds for my bedroom. That's definitely on my wishlist.

Your comfort food? 
A big bowl of chilli and beans.

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Drink a litre of water, brush and go straight down with the dogs.

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