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In conversation with Madhav Raman

We chat with Anagram’s principal architect Madhav Raman about his firm’s journey so far and the opportunity that India affords its architects today

Madhav Raman, principal architect, Anagram tells us about his firm’s journey, the constraints and opportunities that India affords it architects and his advice for young architecture graduates today

Architect Madhav Raman passed out of New Delhi’s School of Planning and Architecture and started Anagram right after, with his college senior Vaibhav Dimri. Today, the firm works across public infrastructure planning, architecture, urban design, sceneography, broadcast design, furniture design and interiors and has previously completed projects for a range of clients- from designing the Digit, an office space in Delhi to their first ever project- The South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre in the national capital.

In a conversation with Beautiful Homes, Madhav shares the high points of Anagram’s journey so far and offers some practical advice for young architecture graduates. Watch the video to view the full interview.

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