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In conversation with Annkur Khosla

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Painfully shy, she would rather let her work do the talking. And her work screams casual elegance

Juggling between celebrity homes and projects that shape "soulful and meaningful" spaces, Annkur Khosla has her hands full. She graduated from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai followed by a brief stint at the NYSID (New York School of Interior Design), New York. She then moved on to work with Shimul Javeri Kadri before she set up her own practice in Mumbai. Her boutique design studio in the city’s business district is much like her, pleasant, vibrant, petit, and with a lot of character. We caught up with her for a quick chat…

What was the first designed object you owned?
A leather and printed canvas valise gifted by an uncle from Europe.  I used it in school to carry books, which is very different from a traditional school bag. It was not until very recently that I realised it was a Gucci bag.

What was it like growing up in a city like Mumbai?
It was a very simple, natural, and organic way of life with no worldly pressures of growing up in this generation.

What are your fondest childhood memories?
Vacations with my family. 

What’s your earliest memory of noticing design or architecture?
My mother is a woman of impeccable taste and she brought us siblings up with a keen sense of design. 

Good design is like...
Fish in water; inseparable; essential for you to survive.

Your favourite city in the world?

What was the last thing you designed or created for yourself?
A light fitting. 

Annkur Khosla in conversation with Beautiful Homes.

What was the last store you shopped at?
A stationery store in Florence opposite Palazzo Pitti.

One design tip you would like to share with our readers?
Design with your heart and head.

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