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In conversation with Alex Davis

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Meet with the Delhi-based designer known for his larger than life sculptural installations in steel

His work is robust, resilient and steely. He, on the other hand is soft-spoken, unassuming, and always with a disarming smile. This Domus Academy alumnus, worked under the stellar Stefano Giavannoni on projects in products, furniture and system designs for Alessi and Magis before launching Indi Store in 1999. We caught up Alex to know about his journey in the world of design.

Where do you seek your inspiration?
My primary muse is Mother Nature. Through all my collections, from, I Went Fishing, My Lazy Garden and the Hyperbloom, the underlying theme has been nature. The Moonlit Safari was inspired by the Shikara, and the safari culture of the yesteryears while Dented Painted was a tribute to the great Indian roads by way of sculptures and paintings depicting the icons of the subcontinent.

What's a typical day at work like?
For me, it is an average of the various road trips that I undertake to the various places relating to my work. If I am in Delhi, then half my day is spent at my factory and sites, while the other half I spend in the studio with my assistants.

How would your close friends describe you? in about 5 words.
I need to ask them!

What was your first project?
It was, I Went Fishing. It was a result of two unsuccessful fishing trips to the Himalayas. I came up with a substitute, pebbles manipulated with brushed steel, allowing you to transport a bit of raw nature into your living spaces. The collection included objects like the doorstopper, flower vases, bar accessories, magazine racks, etc.

From then to now, how has the industry evolved according to you?
It has evolved dramatically in both, volume as well as structure. It is great to see a bunch of great talents emerging in this field.

What are the materials you like/ prefer working with? And why?
I always found stainless steel to be a contemporary material to articulate my ideas but lately, I have been experimenting with other metals that suit the mood of my projects.

How do you unwind?
I am a travel junkie, always looking for opportunities to explore new territories.

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