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Yes, you can have a clay wall finish inside your home

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It is as old as time, flexible, versatile and in the right hands, the ideal raw material to craft remarkable artistry. Clay, in its very humble way, is a material of enormous potential. You’ve only ever thought about the pretty clay-based pottery and accessories that can elevate your home décor. The skilled movement of the creators who can shape that stunning vase into just the perfect proportion, or the cutlery that looks like it’s made from raw earth. You possibly did not consider the potential of the material on a larger scale somewhere around the house.

Asian Paints, though, thought ‘clay’ and took up the opportunity to innovate. The result is Calcecruda, the brand’s clay-based wall finish—the second one in the Royale Play Material Finish range. (The first one was metallic and you can read all about it here.)

Much like its metallic contemporary, Calcecruda, too, is au naturel, made from a composition of lime, purified clay and natural sands. It is also water absorbent and hence meant only for interior walls. What’s more, it’s natural origins also make it a healthy option for your home. Furthermore, from the practical perspective, it’s stain-resistant and anti-fungal credentials should ensure it makes it to every homeowner’s wish list of finishes. Imported exclusively from Italy, Calcecruda is of superior quality and lends itself quite easily to be moulded and customised into the design of your choice.

It is this very mouldable nature of clay that opens up infinite possibilities for letting your wall become the canvas for some art. At once canvas, medium and frame, the clay wall finish can be just the backdrop if you have been toying with the idea of creating a statement wall in your house. And the options to do so are many.

Nothing is off the table, from mimicking the design of a well-loved carpet pattern on your wall (with trained applicators doing the actual execution of course) to using a lace cloth against the surface and outlining that pattern on clay. If you opt for the latter, then lace-based vinyls, easily available in the market or fabric shop are the way to go, rather than cotton. Those with an artistic streak can even go freestyle and give your sketch a clay-based canvas. Or 

The 'Persian Star' motif effect on the clay-finish wall. Image courtesy, Asian Paints

perhaps, your architect and interior designer may already have a design that could work to highlight your clay-finish wall.

A wall with asian paints Calcecruda finish

The rhythmic 'Moroccan Arabesque' antique look of interlacing foliage. Image courtesy, Asian Paints

If you’re in the market for ideas though, Asian Paints has you covered. Complimentary with a can of Calcecruda is set of creative stencils to translate onto the clay wall. Essentially acrylic or plastic sheets, these stencils that depict different designs are placed on the surface of said wall after the base is applied. The design is then traced out, and then another coat of the product is added on. They come in a range of patterns, including a Venetian Peacock motif with a decidedly antique look to an intricate Roman Mandala pattern. If you’re in the mood for something distinctly architectural, then the Persian Star pattern, ubiquitous motif in Iranian architecture is worth considering.

Clay opens up a world of possibilities but the application process requires trained, skilled, dextrous hands to give your imagination a fitting expression. So consult your architects, get the right applicators on board and watch your clay wall come to life.

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