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The House of Asian Paints has a line of furniture in Cherish, the Colour of the Year 2021

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Cherish! That is the perfect description of how we should live the important moments of our lives. The Asian Paints Colour Of The Year is a fresh shade of green chosen to represent exactly that. Colour has immense possibilities and its inclusion in any form in the house adds value to the overall setting, and with that in mind Asian Paints has created a line of furniture in the ‘Cherish’ shade of green. The pieces from the Royale and Ador range of products perfectly showcase the adaptability of the lovely colour.



1.    Luxembourg sofa
The Luxembourg sofa is one of the most well-structured pieces in the Royale collection. The overall persona of the sofa allows it to be an easy fit in formal and informal spaces alike. While the subtleness of the upholstery’s shade extends freedom to style it as per one’s personal choice.
Price: Rs. 94,899
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2.    Berlin sofa
The Berlin sofa seat is upholstered in our hero colour, while a patterned grey fabric complements it on the arms.  Place this one-seater in any empty corner of the house along with a few accessories and the space will brighten up immediately.
Price: Rs. 31,999
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3.    Florence armchair
This armchair has a floral look and so reminds us of a casual, calming time of the day. This will look best when paired with solid-coloured furniture or in front of a plain wall.
Price: Rs. 29,999
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4.    Denver armchair
This non-fussy piece of furniture will fit in any space in the house. The colour is muted and can be paired with several other complementary shade. Perhaps an extra seat in the living room or a comfortable chair in your bedroom...
Price: Rs. 20,999
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5.    Ohio sofa
Ohio is meant for formal living rooms and sophisticated areas. Keep the décor around it minimal and choose subtle colours that make a classy combination. A few metal accessories would work as great finishing touches to style the space around this sofa.
Price: Rs. 49,499
Buy here

6.    Lyon sofa
This love-seat belongs either in a bedroom or in an informal space in the house. Adding cushions in complementary lighter and deeper shades of green will give this seat a very elegant personality.
Price: Rs. 41,999
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7.    Sicily ottoman
A beautiful patterned upholstery gives a lot of character to this Ottoman. If your sofa is in any natural colour shade, this Ottoman will work as a beautiful addition to the setting.
Price: Rs. 16,999
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8.    Bradley sofa
Bradley is the most convenient sofa set you will ever come across. It is extremely comfortable, and easy to rearrange according to your preference. Now that it has been upholstered in the Colour Of The Year, it only makes the sofa’s experience that much more enriching.
Price: Rs. 12,236.95
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9.    Monaco armchair
The Monaco armchair is your perfect partner for a great reading session. A book, a cup of coffee and this armchair go hand-in-hand for an in-house retreat from the routine.
Price: Rs. 25,599
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1.    Mensa study table
This desk is as simple as it gets. Light and easy to move around and promises to fit anywhere. The colour makes it a stylish piece of furniture that will do well in a brightly-lit room.
Price: Rs. 12,999
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2.    Zotopia furniture collection
The animal shaped chairs and tree-shaped table for kids is a fun take on the basic structures of the products. These pieces from the Zotopia Furniture collection in the Ador range will add lots of interest to a child’s room. The whole set brings a jungle safari vibe and does well, whether together or styled separately.
1)    Savanna Horse Chair for Kids
       Price: Rs. 9,999
       Buy here

2)    Savanna Giraffe Chair for Kids
        Price: Rs. 9,999
        Buy here

3)    Savanna Elephant Chair for Kids
        Price: Rs. 9,999
        Buy here

4)    Savanna Tree Table for kids
        Price: Rs. 11,999
        Buy here

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