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Four Instagram influencers show you how to keep your home organised and clean

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How to keep your house tidy and organised according to some of the most innovative, inspiring Instagram influencers out there!

Clean eats have given way to clean homes, organised cupboards, and wardrobes where everything is in line and facing outwards. ‘Cleanfluencers’ and their house organisation ideas are having their day in the sun—and if the global success of Netflix’s hit series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, is anything to go by, it looks like they’re here to stay.

Since Kondo exploded onto the scene, hundreds of others have joined the revolution, labelling, organising and dusting their way into our feeds with their home organisation tips. So, without further ado, here are a few accounts that are making a clean sweep in the organising sweepstakes!

Home organisation tips according to @lifeinjeneral
Jen Robin’s group of professional organisers know how to streamline things and make them look really chic while they’re at it. They’re all about proudly displaying what you already own, but in the most organised way possible—think glass jars for the pantry, clear bins for the craft room and sorting your books according to height and colour.

Proudly displaying what you have, but in the most organised way possible.

With practical and doable: she gives you simple tweaks and techniques to keep your stuff accessible and ready to go.

@abowlfulloflemons gives tips that are simple and practical
Toni Hammersley is a woman on a mission to make sure you have exactly what you need on hand at all times. She understands that a home (especially one with kids) needs to run like a well-oiled machine. Consequently, her tips are both practical and doable: she gives you simple tweaks and techniques to keep your stuff accessible and ready to go. She also offers some great advice for keeping on top of your budget, in addition to offering delicious, healthy recipes and photos of her adorable Persian cats, Magnolia and Jane!

@mrshinchhome has a lot of cleaning advice
Sophie Hinchliffe, aka ‘Mrs Hinch’, is a household name in the UK, sharing pictures of her immaculate home and dispensing a good dose of cleaning advice along with it. She posts about her favourite brand of disinfectant, her preferred cleaning gloves and even names her utensils and furniture (the cleaning cupboard is called ‘Narnia’). Having recently released a new book “Hinch Yourself Happy” and having given birth to her first child, Ronnie, there’s always a lot going on over on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram page! Follow her for the gorgeous imagery, quirky writing style and pro home organisation tips!

Follow her for the gorgeous imagery and quirky writing style.

Jen Jones fuses form with function with her pretty DIYs and neat organising hacks.

Learn some organising DIYs with @iheartorganizing
The handle really says it all! Jen Jones fuses form with function in her delightful DIYs and neat organising hacks. From pegboards for the craft room to tall bins inside your fridge and honeycomb-shaped drawer dividers, she knows how to get it done and to make it look really good! Bonus? She shares some real-talk advice on how to get to know yourself and to identify your real needs before getting started on your organising journey.

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