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If you love a statement wall then these metallic wall finishes are for you

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A glint of brass or copper in a well-designed home through strategically chosen and well-placed objects is a story as old as time. They were either a sensory overload with grandiose gold and silver objets d’art in classical decorative interiors or sharp, bold accents of the Art Deco-esque kind. Fact is, the metallic look has always been a style du jour. They look good, age well and add depth to a space.

Think metallic touch on the wall and your default visual is a brass or copper sconce winking at you from a wall. Or a gilded frame of an elaborate painting. You won’t think about the wall itself being the decorative ‘object’. A metallic look in a rather more liberal fashion across your interior walls is an idea that no one’s tried yet. Until Asian Paints dared to flirt with that concept. The brand’s latest range of interior wall finishes brought out under the Royale Play Material Finishes, gives you just that. Metal on the entire wall. The wall finishes are lime-based, for one, which means they absorb water so using them on exterior surfaces is a hard no. And they’re as close to nature as it is possible to get. And in the case of metal, as close to diverse too with a range that goes from rust to shine. Ironic and Metallico Verdi, for example, are two product offerings that are meant to mimic the effect of metal as it ages, and by that, we do mean rust.

Ageing Gracefully
As natural a process as it is, you still won’t imagine wanting a wall of your home to look, well, rusty. But then you’d be missing out on the artfully worn-out patina of age that can give it such distinct character. With these two products, you won’t need to wait to get that rust, worn-with-age effect.  

Ironic is all about mimicking the rusting effect that occurs in iron gradually. Naturally, it is a slow process, with the colour of the rust undergoing a slight change over time. Taking its cues from this wear and using the actual process of oxidation, Ironic gives you that look on the wall of your choosing.

Metallico Verdi, on the other hand, replicates the wearing out over time that occurs in copper, a remarkable colour degradation that is all the more appealing for it. Both use a base coat with an oxidising liquid as the top coat. The best part? Much like in nature, the oxidation levels keep changing, so your wall too will look slightly different over time.

Iron rust finish on a wall

The Ironic look is all about mimicking the rusting effect that occurs in iron gradually. Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Silver metallic finish on a wall

The Midas effect on your space’s aesthetic is not surprisingly instant and jaw-droppingly effective. Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Metal effect finish on a wall

Metallico Verdi, replicates the wearing out over time that occurs in copper, a remarkable colour degradation that is all the more appealing for it. Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Shine and Shimmer
Then there is the leafing effect, which, as aesthetic statement walls go, is as bold as you can get. Skinny leaves measuring somewhere between 8 to 12 microns and available in a variety of four metallic sheens—champagne, gold, silver and copper—are applied over the entire surface of a wall. Appropriately called Midas, the effect on your space’s aesthetic is not surprisingly instant and jaw-droppingly effective. It’s ornate, enticing as an embellishment and a bold statement. So if you’re feeling brave and are in the mood for majestic ornamentation, go for it. And you don’t have to worry about the sheen fading or blackening; it’s long-lasting and high quality.

Watch the Highlights
On the other hand, if subtlety is your play, then the Royale Play liquid metal product will hold more than a little appeal. Meant to be used as highlights on other wall finishes, like the collection’s archi-concrete finish or clay finish (yes, there is a clay wall finish; watch this space to know about it!). A handcrafted liquid metal finish exotically called Metallo Fuso, it is a combination of actual metal powder with a binder and comes in four shades—tin, brass, bronze and copper. You can get as innovative as you like with this to create a stunning motif or pattern on your concrete or clay walls, maybe even go freestyle, and have splashes of liquid metal artfully spilling on the surface. Alternatively, if you want a more studiedly subtle effect, you can use the Ironic or Metallico Verdo products as highlights too. (When they’re so used, they are called Metallo Ferro).

As tempted as you may be to get yourself a can of the products and engage in some DIY, call your paint guy and get started, the thing to remember is that the finishes are highly specialised and their application needs a skilled hand to do it right. It’s a good idea to get your interior designer or architect on board and discuss the best way to use the product in your house. Applicators need to be trained in using these finishes and only work on the final surface after doing a sample. 

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