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Celebrating International Day of the tropics

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The 29th of June is considered the International Day of the Tropics, to highlight the vibrant natural diversity of the countries that sit right in the centre of our planet. It is a colourful mix of cultures formed as much by varied histories as much as the climatic conditions of these places. From Bolivia to Kenya and Southern India, the vast number of tropical regions are associated with colour, zest, vibrancy, and rhythm. But the heat and climatic conditions that give these countries their best qualities also prove challenging in excess, as climate change, deforestation, urbanisation and demographic changes endanger the stability of many places.

The trademarks of the tropics are its flowers and vegetation, but many of us are not lucky enough to live amongst such natural splendour. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of that colour into your decor, particularly through the convenience of wallpapers. Wallpapers are a simple way of highlighting features in a room and it does so with more drama than other types of decor interventions. To commemorate the magic of the tropics, we’ve listed out some of our favourite wallpaper designs from the Asian Paints’ Nilaya collection. Be it just a single wall in the living room, a highlighted area of the bedroom or even the bathroom, foliage-inspired wall coverings will bring nature into the home in the simplest and most effective way. Enjoy!

Tropical Paradise

A singular pattern of leafage has been repeatedly used throughout the wallpaper. The patterns well resemble the original structure and shades of leaves and gives a feeling of being outdoors when used indoors.
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Tropical paradise wallpaper design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

A single pattern used repetitively to create a feeling of outdoor greenery.

Birdsong ivory wallpaper design with fruit motifs - Beautiful Homes

An amalgamation of tropical birds, flowers and fruits.

Bird Song Ivory

A wallpaper design that captures a wider essence of the tropical birds, flowers and fruits. The off-white backdrop of the wallpaper allows it to match different kinds of furniture and fixtures.
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The large leaves gives a very close-to-nature vibe and can be a perfect backdrop to your bedroom for generating a feeling of greenery and freshness in the room
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Havana wallpaper design with large leaves - Beautiful Homes

A calm and subtle interpretation of leaves.

Tropical tales wallpaper design for kid's room - Beautiful Homes

A colourful composition of floral prints.

Tropical Tales

Small sized repetitive patterns and prints on the wallpaper make it more suitable for a kid’s room or teenager’s room, who are enthusiastic about floral art and prints. The wallpaper design comprises flowers and leaves in shades of pastel pink, olive green and turquoise blue with a white base. 
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Botanica Champa Taupe

This wallpaper composition has large prints of branches with both fruits and flowers weighing down in an organic manner. These prints would highly match the walls of the dining or living rooms in a house. The Taupe shade acts as a perfect base to highlight these plants
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Botanica Champa Taupe wallpaper design for dining room - Beautiful Homes

Wallpapers with large prints that create a sense of grandeur.

Blossom wallpaper design for study spaces - Beautiful Homes

A playful and wild-free juxtaposition of flowers.


A playful and attractive composition of multiple colours and forms is sure to go into bedroom or study spaces of young and middle aged children. The careful choice of colours for the different flowers and leaves create a feeling of activeness and cheerfulness.
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Blossom Belle

The perfect wallpaper for a lounge or rewinding area at your home. The dark backdrop emphasises the floral prints and patterns in a calming yet powerful manner. Overall, it creates a feeling of wanting to sit back and relax while reading a book, sipping a coffee or listening to music.
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Blossom belle wallpaper design for living room - Beautiful Homes

Wallpapers that help create a sense of calm and peace.

Floral fantasy wallpaper design with a study table - Beautiful Homes

Get the feeling of a flower garden inside your rooms.

Floral Fantasy

A maximal composition of flowers, leaves and buds produces a garden vibe with different varieties of flowers.
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