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5 wedding décor trends that can be translated into homes

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The pandemic changed everything about our lives and pushed us into a 'new normal' where we do things a bit differently. That's not to say that the festivities or celebrations are forever dampened; people always find ways to improvise. As the winter arrives, wedding fervour heightens. With larger-scale weddings slowly making a comeback, planners, event managers and families are once again getting ready for the quintessential big-do. Outfits, food and music aside, perhaps one of the most essential parts of the festivities is the decoration. We spoke to a few experts on colours, flowers and decoration ideas that are ruling the roost. And, how these can be incorporated at home.

Take note—décor inspiration, after all, can be found anywhere if you're looking closely.


Flowers have always been known to make a statement at weddings. But this season, beautiful blooms are being taken to the next level. As the guest lists have become compact, couples are working on being intentional about every detail. From customised floral room hampers, to statement tablescapes and naturally beautiful aisle decorations, there's a lot more care and attention given to blooms. So, what flowers are in season? "December is  a great month for flowers as the cooler weather helps support more fragile varieties that normally can’t withstand the Indian heat. Tulips, Ranunculus, Hydrangeas all work well for weddings. You even get good quality roses in December that can add bulk where needed," shares Nazneen Jehangir, founder, Libellule Lifestyle.

Textures too are in trend—with a mix of fresh and dried flowers. 

A pink sofa surrounded by flowers

December is a great month for flowers—think of Tulips, Ranunculus, and hydrangeas. Image courtesy, Events by Sahiba

Wilder flowers, ferns and baby's breath are great 'grammable choices. "Go big on the small details; a single stalk of Pampas grass will do the trick. It’s hardy & versatile," says Sahiba Puri, founder, Events by Sahiba. Wide varieties aside, the presentations too have evolved. Venues peppered with bright flower boxes make guests feel like they've arrived in a European flower market. Individual stems of romantic blooms like peonies, garden roses, tulips or lilacs grace corners. A photo-op stop with a canopy of fresh flowers adds endless charm. Along the curtains, cascading greenery spells pure elegance.

Interior design tip: There's no better way to add freshness to your homes than with flowers. Not only do they elevate the interior, they even add a dose of colour. Consider creating a green wall with sprigs of leafy plants like olive branches, palms, succulents and thick vines. You can personalize the wall with a neon name sign or a monogram across the top. If you have access to a mixture of flowers and petals, then think inside the box—literally. Place floral arrangements inside acrylic boxes and display along the window sill.

A table set outdoors with flowers hung above it

Tablescapes do not need to mean only centerpieces and pretty napkins. A lush foliage above the table can add the needed décor to the table. Image courtesy, Baraati Inc


"People are returning to the big celebrations after such a long break, and it's all hearts out—whatever was on their Pinterest boards is all coming to life. For winter day weddings, it is pastels while in the evenings, the palette is moving to deep rich, royal tones of emeralds and rubies," says Shweta Acharya, co-founder, Baraati Inc. The best pick for pre-wedding décor is definitely yellow, while pastel pink or powder blue still steals the show on the D-Day. Seats draped in lavender or fuschia hues, long curtains, cascading flower backdrops paired with pink furniture, pastel-hued cushions, flowing ribbons tied to chairs, vibrant table napkins, etc all can be used to incorporate the colour theme. And if you want to go the extra mile, choose food to reflect the colour theme as well. From colourful macaroons, cakes to a cotton candy station, serve up a delicious platter of colour.

Interior design tip: Pastels translate very well in interiors, and if subtlety is your strong suit, then a whimsical yet restrained home can be easily achieved. Think of muted sofas with light-toned, pastel cushions. A small, vibrant area rug in a neutral space can anchor the space and add a dose of charm. Hand-painted wooden crates in the garden, turquoise pool chairs, and blush pink flowers for the coffee table can seal the deal.


Going green with wedding celebrations translates to all aspects of wedding planning—from e-invites, no single-use plastics, to using local décor elements. And in 2021, people are more aware of their footprint than ever before. "Recycling or upcycling your wedding flowers is a great way to lower your footprint—ask your florist to deconstruct what can be saved at the beginning of planning your event. The flowers can easily be used in vases around your home and gifted to loved ones. We can even have these flowers sent to old age homes and cancer hospitals," advises Jehangir. Apart from flowers, hiring reusable items such as furniture, lighting, accessories instead of buying new is a great way to go. Runners and napkins made from hessian, hemp or pure linen, reusable crockery and cutlery, handmade paper place cards, rattan décor, macrame tassel chandeliers, low energy LED lights and "the use of jute, bamboo and cane furniture has become big," Acharya says.

Interior design tip: Living in harmony with nature isn't all that complicated if you put your heart in it. Many of the wedding décor elements can be easily moved into the home—from flowers, baskets, hampers, curtains, lights to fabrics, jars and more. Also consciously using repurposed furniture, buying from thrift stores and choosing energy star appliances can help bring down your carbon contribution.

A tree with seating around it

Instead of blooms, you could even opt for décor made of recycled paper. These will lend the same amount of vibrancy as flowers. Image courtesy, Baraati Inc

Stairs with sculptures of elephants made using lowers

If you love sculptures, consider ones made of fresh flowers. These look absolutely stunning and can easily become the topic of discussion. Image courtesy, Baraati Inc


With social distancing being the need of the hour, the popularity of outdoor weddings has increased tenfold. From romantic, back-garden weddings at home to enchanted lawns at five star properties, all are taking centre stage. Wide open outdoors enhanced with dramatic and bold arches, long picnic tables, fairy lights around trees, pumpkin patches for children to play around in, large  terracotta vases, outdoor sculptures, photo-op tents and more are gaining popularity. All along with all COVID protocols in place.

Interior design tip: Outdoor weddings are rich with ideas that can be easily used at home. For parties, and large gatherings, the gardens can be decorated just like a wedding venue with 

twinkling string lights, garden furniture and long, wooden tables and benches. You can even cluster mismatched furniture in various textures or tones for a more eclectic take.


Weddings are all about celebrating two individuals and how they came together. With weddings becoming more intimate, the décor and set ups too are becoming personal. The couple's story has become the main theme of wedding celebrations, as guests either reminisce or learn about their journey together. From large showcases with personalized photo displays, message boards, gifts with the couple's wedding hashtag monogrammed and more, it's all about making the event about the two lovebirds.

Interior design tip: If you're a couple moving into your first home, these ideas couldn't be more apt. A photo wall about your journey together, a coffee table book with your wedding pictures, table napkins with your initials monogrammed on them, a small corner with a guestbook etc can go a long way in making your home cosy, warm and endearing. 


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