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Fantasy botanist Priyanka Shah on using nature as a medium for storytelling

Botanical stylist Priyanka Shah of Studio Lalala is our guest stylist for the yearend season of celebration when every house puts on a show. She tells us about her work, her inspiration, and process

The story of the year’s best chandelier

Klove’s new Goa Collection is stunning in its use of materials, ideas and technique. The designers tell us how they developed the idea, and share the images of its creation

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14 artefacts used in religious rituals and festivals, and what they mean

We spoke to the owners of Mumbai’s Phillip’s Antiques, one of India’s most respected, authentic sources of artefacts, for an insight into vintage artifacts of religious significance

Via Palermo, the newest collection by Iqrup + Ritz is here—and it’s plentiful

The design conscious brand has launched their latest collection of sofas, accessories, and modular sofas are the stars

Kids room design: ideas, tips and inspirations | Beautiful Homes

Shonali Mahajan, founder of Little Nugget nursery design studio, gave us a lowdown on what goes behind designing the first room for your child