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In case you missed it, the good ol’ Godrej almirah has gone and got a makeover

The steel almirah that was a permanent fixture in every middleclass Indian home seemed to have been pushed into the background a bit lately, but the company is fighting back.

This school designed by Laurie Baker is one of the most beautiful in India

This is perhaps the first time the story of the design of Pallikoodam in Kerala has been told, and by one of the few people who participated in the design process

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Thinking of buying Indian art? This is a good place to start…

From the democratic world of Instagram, we’ve unearthed artists whose works folks are discussing and designers are buying

10 designers on the trends that will inspire décor in 2020

We asked the question, ‘What design trend do you predict for 2020 and beyond? Read the answers of some of the most interesting designers in the country, and get a head start on your décor resolutions.

Fantasy botanist Priyanka Shah on using nature as a medium for storytelling

Botanical stylist Priyanka Shah of Studio Lalala is our guest stylist for the yearend season of celebration when every house puts on a show. She tells us about her work, her inspiration, and process