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Ten reasons why India is ready for a new interior design service

Asian Paints’ Beautiful Homes Service will allow you to just focus on the joys of designing your dream home. Leave the hassles to us…

Architect Vinu Daniel creates sustainable homes that look good and weather disasters

A contemporary architect following in the footsteps of Laurie Baker and Mahatma Gandhi, Vinu Daniel says he is building for an apocalyptic climate

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How to keep your pet happy and healthy during a quarantine

As the nation announces a lockdown, the ones with pets have more than the virus to worry about. Here’s how you can successfully deal with this crisis if you are pet parent

Things to do at home in the times of the Coronavirus

After some information overload on WhatsApp, including a long tutorial on how to do jal neti with cow urine, the time seemed apt for our columnist to set things right with some home improvement

In case you missed it, the good ol’ Godrej almirah has gone and got a makeover

The steel almirah that was a permanent fixture in every middleclass Indian home seemed to have been pushed into the background a bit lately, but the company is fighting back.