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New year, new décor resolutions for homes in 2021

We spoke to a cross-section of designers to look ahead at the interior design ideas that will be adopted in homes

There’s a brand new one-stop-shop for décor shopping in New Delhi, and we’ve got all the details

The Beautiful Homes Boutique brings the best in furniture, furnishings and accessories to the capital

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Events expert Vandana Mohan tells us how celebrations will change this festive season

The founder of Wedding Design Company on how celebrations will be designed to adapt to the new normal

How to create homes that withstand the heat of summer and cold of winter

Making a home that’s comfortable for both harsh summers and winters requires planning for resilience and ensuring the space can live with the climate

A textile artist who creates exceptional designs for interiors

Delhi-based artist Dhvani Behl has applied her detailed artistry to custom textiles, installation artworks and, most recently, the gorgeous tents for Raas Chhatrasagar hotel