Style your bookshelf

Learn how to style your bookshelf with these helpful tips

Your bookshelf is a reflection of not just the books that you read, but also of the kind of person that you are. The hashtag ‘shelfie’ on Instagram should give you serious bookshelf envy but there is no reason to lose heart. We have some handy tips on how to make your bookshelf the center of attention.

 1.    Use personal pictures to scatter around the bookshelf. Restrict this to two to three frames, so that they don’t overpower the

2.    Put small potted succulents on the shelf to alternate with books.

3.    Small sized décor objects can be used as alternatives for bookends. Neat storage boxes can also be placed in different corners
        to give an organized look to your shelves.

4.    If you collect objects, the bookshelf is a good place to display them. 

5.    Consider different textures when styling your bookshelf. This means, think of pairing a woven basket with a fabric based


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