Organise your study area

5 quick tips to de-clutter your workspace

Are the stack of files, papers and a never ending stream of stationery making your desk look more like a train wreck than a well-oiled engine that keeps your work going on full steam? Fret not, here’s a list of our top tips to help you put things in order.

1.    Let’s start with the geek stuff. Get your gadgets and the peripherals together. Use a movable trolley to place your printer,
       copier, scanner – the works. This will help you clear up desk space. Opt for slimmer screens for your desktop; it will help
       de-clutter visually. A sleeve is great way of bunching together all your wires and cables.

2.    Now the table itself. If your space allows it, then opt for a larger one, which will give you more desk space. Alternately, choose
       one with drawers that can hold basic stationery including pens, pencils, rulers, papers, etc.

3.    Independent shelves will help you move the larger, bulkier files away from sight. Put them away in neatly labelled boxes for ease
       of usage.

4.    You can refashion slotted angle shelves into a chic storage cabinet. Paint them in colours to match your study, and you have a
       study unit ready.

5.    Throw in a couch, an armchair or a beanbag if your space allows it. This will create a nice breakaway space, where you can read a
       book, or have a coffee break.


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