How to maximise your balcony

Convert your balcony into your go to spot with our easy to follow guide on maximising this open space

When living in the city with its pigeon-hole apartments, an attached balcony or terrace is truly a blessing. You can unwind in this open space and watch the world pass you by or even enjoy a board game or two with friends. With proper planning, you can convert your balcony into a cosy hangout spot. Here’s how you can make the most of this space:

1.    Furniture Style

Invest in smart furniture which has more seating space and consumes less floor space, like L-shaped seating or seaters that have broad seats. Avoid using fully upholstered furniture to utilise the space efficiently.

2.    Flooring

Use a chequered pattern for the flooring – whether working with tiles or wood. This gives an illusion of a bigger space. To heighten the effect, cover the floor using dhurries with stripes and checks as well. 

3.    Colour Palette

Use light tonal colours in the entire space – from the walls to the flooring. This gives it a bigger appearance. If you want to break the monotony, introduce colour through furnishings and décor pieces.

4.    Décor

When it comes to embellishing the space, think vertical. Use the wall to create an interesting display, instead of fancy floor arrangements. The key is to strike a balance between the two, without letting either get too busy.

5.    Lighting

You can choose what kind of lighting you want in this space – warm lights result in an inviting atmosphere while white lighting makes the space appear bigger.

6.    Furnishings

Avoid using several prints and patterns. If you want to bring in some motifs, use lighter shades, as it prevents the space from becoming visually heavy. Optionally, you can use plain cotton sheer curtains or blinds for a calm balcony.

7.    Plants

As far as possible, use planters that can be hung or fixed on the railing of the balcony or even the walls. Bring in as many as possible to add colour and life in the balcony.


Written By: Nidhi Tiwari


Décor Ideas
23 April 2018

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