7 terrace decorating ideas for the New Year party

Welcome the new year with a sky full of stars at your very own rooftop party. Read on for quick tips

The biggest night of the year is almost here and so is the season for rooftop parties. A keen eye for design can transform your rooftop into the perfect party padAs you raise a toast to good friends and a great year ahead, you may just end up thanking us for these handy tips for decorating your terrace.

1.     A terrace generally offers more flexibility with decorating than an indoor space as it has fewer walls and almost no fixed furniture.

2.    Decorate the area with potted greens like frangipani or palms (you can rent these from a nursery), and fresh flowers for a dash of

3.    The lights should be dim – the idea is to enjoy the moonlight, open skies and cool fresh air.

4.    String lights conjure magic in any place, but if you want to impress, choose lights that go beyond bulbs. Get crafty and make your
       own bulb covers for the wow-factor (and Instagram-worthiness).

5.    Lanterns can do wonders, or you could round up your hurricanes and mason jars and arrange them in clusters.

6.    If you don’t have enough chairs to seat people, demarcate a special area with few tall cocktail tables for people to gather around
       and chat.

7.    Bring in your personal style to mix and match your favourite colours and patterns for the disposable plates, glasses and napkins.


Written By: Jyotsna Bhagat

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
27 December 2018

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