To add a slip cover or not

A slip cover can solve a lot of your living room dilemmas. Read on to know more

To add a slip-cover to your sofa or not, that is a question most of us have wondered about at some point. Do you need a slip cover for your sofa? Ideally, yes. Can your sofa survive without one? Again, yes. Will a slip cover add to your sofa’s life? Absolutely. Do slip covers need to be boring? Absolutely not.

That last question sums up most people’s resistance to slip covers. They have been called frumpy, ill-fitting and a host of other bad names. But that’s for the uninitiated.

First things first. Slip covers are a great way to extend your sofa’s life- they protect the fabric underneath, reducing the wear and tear of everyday life on its durability. They also offer a way to update the look of your sofa from time to time. You aren’t likely to change your sofa very often, but you can change a sofa’s slip cover regularly.

Interior designer Ritu Nanda says slip covers are a great way to add character to the living room. “I like to have several sets of slip covers made for my sofas and with that various sets of cushion covers. So I am able to create a winter living room in deeper colours and a summer living room in whites (depending on the season). I love adding a special throw in an antique textile or a specially woven textile to cover a one off chair,” she advises.

Besides the regular upholstery fabric one can consider for making slip covers, Ritu suggests using material used for men’s suits. “I have always preferred buying suit material from Raymond’s for instance to get my slip covers stitched- I like the way it looks and feels.” 


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