3 easy ways to style a sofa

Quick tips to give your sofa a quick update

The easiest way to change the way your living room looks is by changing the upholstery on your furniture pieces. But it’s not always easy on your wallet. So we decided to work three easy to do, cost effective ways to give your sofa a whole new feel.

1.    More the Merrier

Throw in a number of cushions with different prints or patterns. But maintain a colour scheme so it doesn't appear too busy. You can create a symmetrical look on both ends of the sofa for a clean, layered but uncluttered look.

2.    Jazz up

If you have a plain sofa, then use cushions with heavy embroidery on it to lift it. You can opt for one long, narrow cushion or you can mix and match shapes. There’s nothing like gold or silver threadwork and beads that spells instant glam. You can also match your coffee table accessories to the colour palette of your cushions.

3.    Drape it

You can also use a throw in contrasting or complementing colours to add softness to the setting. Opt for rich materials like silk to create luxurious look or faux fur for a more lived in, casual look.


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