Romantic living rooms we love

Don’t limit the loved-up feeling to just the bedroom. Here’s how you can induce some romance in your living room as well

Why focus all the love only in the bedroom? A romantic feeling can be induced in the living room too. There are a few tricks through which this can be achieved. 

Choose mellow colours and pastels for a soothing atmosphere. Baby pinks, soft turquoise and even creamy neutrals all contribute towards a calm, comfortable feel. 

Ensure there is plenty of light sweeping into the space – floor to ceiling windows covered with soft, billowing curtains induce a great amount of dreaminess. When it comes to fixtures, invest in floor lamps that throw mellow lights and ceiling lights that cast a dim glow.

Invest in super soft and warm furniture and accessories. Think along the lines of leather or suede sofas and furry throws for an extra plush feel. 

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Written By: Tasneem Merchant


Décor Ideas
13 February 2018

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