Lighting ideas for a rental living room

Turn around your rental living room by just playing around with the lighting. Read on for some quick tips

Living on rent doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live in a dark, dingy looking space. A few ideas and smart movable investments will ensure that you can brighten up your space without drastically modifying it.

Floor and table lamps
One of the easiest ways to decorate your room is by adding these portable lamps. Utilise ambient CFLs or LEDs in white lampshades to supplement natural light during the day. At night, the off-white or warmer coloured ones can be used as mood lights, ensuring the space is well lit round the clock.

LED tape lights
These easy-to-use, stick-on lights are excellent for use over your entertainment unit, shelving units, cabinets and even around window sills. There are several benefits of using these – they are easily concealed, dimmable, energy saving and are available in a variety of colours.

Battery operated lights
String up some fairy lights around the curtain rod or place them in a jar to for a mellow glow inside or outside after dark. If you prefer not investing in lanterns with LEDs, you can choose from a wide variety of battery operated lights suited for indoor as well as outdoor usage.

Aromatic candles
Lavender, cranberry, apple, rose, etc – aromatic candles double up as room fresheners and illuminators. These economical additions can be placed on washbasin counters, window sills and even dining tables. Place them in hurricanes or lanterns to add that extra touch to your interiors.


Written By: Anamika Butalia

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
16 March 2018

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