How to work the L-shaped sofa

Functional and space-efficient, the L-shaped sofa can be used in different ways. Read on to find out how you can work this sectional into your living area

L-shaped sofas give a streamlined appearance to your interiors and are available in a variety of materials and colours. They also come in different configurations such as one arm longer than the other, both arms of equal length, with a sofa bed attachment, modular and detachable sectionals, etc. 

Backed into a corner

This is the conventional and most popular way to place this sofa where both arms are against walls. This is ideal for a small living room as it utilises dead corners while opening up the centre for rugs and a coffee table. To complete the grouping, add ottomans or armchairs on the opposite side.

Against the wall

Here, only one side is backed by a wall. The other arm could serve as a space divider between different areas. In a small living room, place the side with the backrest near the front door to define an entryway. If this arm is without a backrest, then it can be used as a chaise lounge.

In the centre

This placement works best for larger spaces or an open layout. You can face the sofa towards a focal point like a television or feature wall. The empty section at the back can be used for accommodating a side console topped with greens, books and travel souvenirs.

Effect and accessories

Use the L-shaped sofa to section areas without bringing in more furniture. The free-standing section with a high back could serve to demarcate spaces such as the living room from dining area. When accessorising with cushions, don’t go overboard, stick to a maximum of seven or eight.


Written By: Nadezna Siganporia

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
15 November 2017

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