How to use gold highlights in the living room

Gold accents are the easiest way to bring glamour into your living room. Follow our easy tips to know how

Pin it down to our love for maximalism or our Indian hearts, our love for gold seeps from jewellery on to our home décor. It is a sure shot way to add luxury to your space. But like with our statement pieces, it’s about aiming for one element at a time.

1.     Heavy gold drapes – for a little shimmer, layer your drapes with sheer gold curtains or choose fabrics with gold thread work.
        Tasselled, golden curtain ties could also do the trick.

2.     A sleek brass side or coffee table with brass legs will also make for luxe update. Refurbish that vintage trolley or bar cart with gold
        paint for an interesting corner. An antique console table with brass inlay work or handles can also be a great addition.

3.     A sculptural gold mirror on the wall works well as an accent piece.

4.     Another easy way of updating your space is with cushions. One plain or patterned gold cushion can tie in the entire setting.     

5.     An armchair upholstered in a rich fabric like jacquard with golden hints or a gold ottoman can add a bit of drama.

6.     A painted or wallpapered feature partition with shimmering gold is another way of injecting some bling.

7.     A few pictures with gilt frames – whether simple or ornate – make for a perfect gallery wall.

8.     Don’t forget curios like sculptures, vases, candles, etc. These can be grouped together on a console or side table.

9.     A statement floor or table lamp, pendant lights hung in clusters, wall lights with brass details or chandeliers.

10.   You can also look up for inspiration – try a little gold on the ceiling. Use stencils painted gold or a few metal tiles placed well. Your
        false ceiling or cornices can also have gold details.


Written By: Nadezna Siganporia

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
25 October 2017

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