How to use fabrics on walls

Be inspired by our ideas on using fabrics for your home walls

For those who love tactile elements in their décor, using fabrics on their wall is a clever and appealing alternative to wallpaper or even art. We give you a few examples of how to incorporate fabric on your walls.

Hang them from the ceiling

Fix a curtain rod with a length averaging a quarter of your entire wall. Fix it on a focal corner of your living room. Pick your favorite textile piece and hang the fabric like a curtain, making sure that the fabric is a little feet apart from the wall.

Frame them up

Textile designer Peter D’Ascoli’s New Delhi home is a great lesson in how to use fabrics on walls. His studio has framed prints of textiles from his own collection. You can choose textiles that you would like to display on your wall and get it framed from your local frame store.

Use Fabric clad wall wanels 

You can create fabric clad wall panels for your home by covering bison boards with fabric and then fixing them on the wall, where desired. You can use ply as well, as an alternative to bison board.


Written By: Bindu Nair


Décor Ideas
8 December 2016

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