How to make modern living rooms warm and inviting

Induce that feeling of homecoming in your living room – follow these easy tips for a space that’s as warm and welcoming as you

There's nothing better than coming home to a comfy and cosy living room after a long day and settling down – either with a good book or just your favourite show. Whether you are relaxing or entertaining, these ten tips will ensure warmth in your living room.

Layer it up

Make your sun-filled living room cosy with abundant layering. A plethora of layered rugs, throws and pillows instantly adds warmth. For instance, you can place a fluffy rug over a carpet under the coffee table. Invest in floor pillows – these result in a cosy atmosphere and provide extra seating for guests.

Play with lights

Warm lighting is crucial for a cosy living room. Make sure you've got various sources (ambient, task and accent) and place them at different heights throughout the room. Pro tip: use bulbs with a soft, warm glow.

Choose the right wood / polish

Warm hues like gold and chestnut create an inviting, appealing atmosphere in the space. However, don’t overdo the gold as too much of it may look intimidating.

Add knits wherever possible

Knitted materials have a way of invoking a warm, homely feeling. There are many ways to incorporate them into your living spaces – a reading nook with a knitted pouffe and textured pillows or a throw over the sofa are guaranteed to add that warm touch.

Add books

Strategically place books to incorporate a lived-in vibe. You can place them under the coffee table or make them the centrepiece on it. Another way to add books is by creating a side table with a stack of books, either next to the armchair or the sofa.

Include a touch of leather

If you prefer a minimalist colour scheme, just one leather item like an armchair or a single seater sofa can warm up the entire space.

Bring in plants

Potted plants and flower bouquets help bring in a touch of homeliness while adding a healthy dose of freshness.

Use picture frames

Photo frames with images of your favourite memories, whether they be black and white or colour, instantly adds a personal touch to any space.

Mix new with the old

Mix up your old pieces with new contemporary furnishings to create a sense of familiarity.

Live with what you love

Surround yourself with beauty and positive energy, add collectibles from your travels, pieces that are inherited, curios that have a story to tell and friends and family to share the love with.


Written By: Jyotsna Kanal

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
24 April 2018

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