How to keep your living room cool this summer

Use these clever tricks to keep your living room cool and comfortable

We know – the summer is slowly becoming unbearable. But don’t break into a sweat just yet. Choose from our easy solutions to ensure that your house remains cool even in the blistering heat:

1.    Include water features

The simplest way to bring the temperature down is to add water bodies. These need not be large – small zen fountains are easily available online. These have a calming effect not just because of the sound, but the constant movement of the water also helps humidify the air.

Decorative bowls
Fill up brass and copper urlis with water and float some fresh flowers on it for a visual treat. These will also make for great décor accents.

Coolers & Misters
To easily beat the heat, install a couple of coolers and place them near the couch or sofa chairs. A mister that sprays the room with water is best located near the window so it doesn’t soak up the upholstery or rugs.

2.       Block out the sun

Bamboo or chick blinds are a great eco-friendly option for blocking the glare and heat from entering the living room. Keep them dust free and wipe them down with a damp cloth so they stay clean.

Pick light-coloured curtains in gauzy fabrics for windows that allow air circulation but don’t let in too much light. For windows exposed to heavy sunlight, use shades in darker colours and thicker fabric.

Sun-control film
These sheets go over your current glass panes and turn your windows into reflectors. They reduce heat considerably and are cheaper than installing new tinted windows.

3.       Use colour wisely

If you’re planning to repaint your living room for the summer, pick shades that lend an air of calm sophistication. Soft powder blue, icy mint, pale pistachio greens and even lilac or lavender are great selections for making the room seem cooler. Try combining two cool colours for an elegant palette that allows you to play with accents such as lampshades, rugs and cushions in the same or complementing shades. 


Written By: Simona Terron

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
25 April 2018

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