How to choose the right drapes for your living room

Choosing curtains for your living room can be quite a daunting task. Use our handy guide to decide on the best ones for your home

Setting the tone of a room can be easily achieved by investing in the right kind of curtains and drapes. Since the possibilities are endless – sheer or opaque, light or ornamental, solid coloured or patterned – here’s a quick guide to help you decide.


The amount of sunlight your living room receives is a key factor. Since sunlight fades fabric over time, drape east and west facing windows with neutral colours, as they are less likely to fade compared to bright colours. Plus, beige, greys, etc, also blend in seamlessly with décor schemes. If you’re inclined to choose a dark shade, ensure it complements the room’s existing colour scheme.

Solids or motifs

If soft furnishings are solid coloured, choose a printed / patterned curtain. If your room has solid coloured furniture, match the printed curtain with printed cushions, throws, etc. Geometric and checkered patterns are ideal for a contemporary look while florals suit modern classic and traditional.


It’s important that the curtain fall well and fold easily when pulled back. The best choices are linen, silk, faux silk and velvet. Faux silk is more durable and, when used in sunny rooms, doesn’t fade as quickly as real silk. Suede, velvet and tweed are ideal for cooler climes as they are insulating. You could also choose interlining – a layer between the lining and fabric – for body and fabric longevity. For a casual and airy vibe, choose linen or cotton.

Height, length and width

Whether you have half or full-length windows, add a sense of height to the room by hanging curtain panels six inches higher than the window. For a traditional look, add two-three inches to the length and let the curtain puddle on the floor. When calculating the width, add four-eight inches on both sides and double the total for fullness. Scallops add a dramatic look but use them only in large spaces.


Written By: Anamika Butalia

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
23 April 2018

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