How to choose a sofa

We put together a quick guide to help you decide better

As much as we love a sofa that looks great, and takes centre stage at our parties, we prefer the one that makes for a comfortable afternoon snooze. So whatever your reason is, we give you helpful hints to pick the right sofa.

Bones. No two ways about it

Choose one with good bones, which means check the frame, the springs, and the fillings. Make sure you have a strong wooden framework, which feels sturdy. A sofa that feels wobbly at the joints, means poor craftsmanship, and in all probabilities you will be making a trip too many to the carpenter to mend the joinery. Another important thing to note is the type of wood used to make the frame. A hardwood frame made of teakwood will last you much longer than a pinewood frame.

Let it sink in

Always sit on the sofa. No touchy-feely here please. Feeling the springiness of the cushions with hand is not a good measure. Make sure you sit on the sofa across the length to understand it best. There’s no hard and fast rule here, it’s a matter of personal choice. If you like sofas where you sink in, then you need to opt for the cushions accordingly.

Made to Measure

Don’t forget to carry the dimensions of the room you are fitting out. There’s nothing more disappointing than a disproportionate sofa. High backed ones look great against a wall, while low back ones are great for afternoon snoozers like us. You can also opt for an ottoman along with it to rest your feet on while you catch your favourite TV show sprawled on it.

Get Materialistic

Zero in on the material you wish to upholster your sofa with. Leather, fabric, linen, the choices are plenty. Decide on the basis on the usage and how often you see yourself reupholstering it. It’s a good idea to scotch guard the sofa so at least the spills are taken care of. Alternately you can get slip covers made of a cheaper fabric that you use on an everyday basis and take them out to reveal the fancy fabric on special occasions.


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