Dramatic living rooms to be inspired by

Change the look of your living room with bright colours and bold patterns with some inspiration from these dramatic living rooms

We love playing with colour, and not just in small doses either. We believe in going all out for a visual treat – clashing colours, bold prints and different textures with a little bit of bling thrown in.

A bold, dramatic look is best suited to large areas such as the living room as it can overwhelm in small spaces. Tackle the walls first with a bright, bold colour or pattern heavy wallpaper or even an out-there textured wall finish. This helps set the scene for furniture and soft furnishings. Keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with what you put in the room – the more accents the merrier.

What we like about this style is that you don’t have to use lots of colours if you don’t want to. You can create drama with just two colours that pair well – think lime green and grey, red and black or purple and green. Another great way of creating electric interiors is by using print on print. Offset large floral prints with geometric patterns to make your interiors come alive.

Take a look at the gallery below for our picks of dramatic living rooms 


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


Décor Ideas
9 March 2018

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