Calm living rooms we love

Turn your living room into an oasis of calm with these quick hacks

The busiest area of the house is without a doubt, the living room. It is the common area used by everyone regardless of their age and often we tend to fill it with several artefacts. This results in a visually chaotic space.

To instil some calm in your living room, we suggest keeping the colour scheme neutral or even white. So, look at decorating with tans, beiges and creams. Keep the accents and showpieces to a minimum. Create a special zone where you can arrange and display these, instead of scattering them on separate surfaces throughout the living room.

Give your eyes visual relief from patterns by using solid coloured upholstery and furnishings. Incorporate prints in the most minimal ways, such as cushion covers or a small rug.

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Written By: Tasneem Merchant


Décor Ideas
10 January 2018

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