Organise the supplies you buy in bulk

Pick from our storage solutions for your bulk purchases

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Sales, discounts or smart buys – all these have the same effect on us. And, it’s not the impulsive purchases we are talking about here; sometimes it makes more sense to buy your supplies in bulk. Not only can you bag a deal on bulk purchases but it also saves your time by cutting down on the number of trips you need to make to the supermarket. Bulk purchases mean endless number of bags of chips, grains, pulses, boxes, tins, etc. And the question that haunts us all is where should we put all this away? Fret not; we have put together a list of storage solutions that will help you manage your bulk purchases.

1.    Invest in over sized airtight containers: Move all bulkier items like grains, pulses, and flour into separate airtight containers.
       Make sure you store these containers away from direct sunlight.

2.    Work with larder units: If you can, create slim pullouts in niches between the refrigerator and wall or counter. All smaller packets of
       purees, mixers, sachets can go into this larder.

3.    All in one: Divide the masalas into quarterly portions and pour this into airtight containers. This will help you save space and give you
       a clear picture of the balance supplies.

4.    Stack by size: Place all similar-sized jars together. If you can, create shelves similar to those you see in supermarkets. There’s
       a reason why they have them – it works. You can see all your supplies at one go, and they are accessible at all times.

5.    In the bathroom: You can throw all your toilet paper rolls in a large basket, which can be placed in the dry area or in the loft if you
       have one.

6.    Hotel inspiration: We have all been fascinated by the cereal dispensers at breakfasts at any hotel. Get yourself a few and pour all
       your packets into different ones. This will help you get rid of extra cartons and will also allow you a multitude of breakfast options
       every morning.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
20 January 2017

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