How to plan a kitchen island

Learn how to get the most out of your kitchen island with our handy guide below

A kitchen island is a luxury few can enjoy but for those who have a large kitchen, it is well worth the effort of building one. What do you need to keep in mind? Read on for simple tips and guidelines when building a kitchen island.

Numbers Game

The island should occupy only 10% of the total kitchen area. Remember, installing one adds up to 25% more counter and storage space, if executed cleverly. Added bonuses include more room for concealable electric outlets and even a second sink.

Cheat Code

As a trial, you can place a large table in the place you want your island and see how it feels. If your kitchen island is not very large, pair it with a similar sized table for added counter space. For days you need more floor space, simply remove the table.

Clever Storage

Find ways to include lots of drawers, shelves, slide-out trays and little slots and niches for storing assorted items. Don’t simply create large cabinets. Maximise the space above with a rack for hanging large pots and pans.

Cooktop & Sink

Decide if you want your cooktop and sink on the island or if you want to use it as a working counter. If you decide to add a cooktop to the island, build an overhead chimney with a hood and vent or install a grate that pulls the smoke out.

Seating & Eating

If you are going to be using the kitchen island as a bar, create an overhead rail to suspend glasses. But if dining is more your need, incorporate a rack for tableware where the diners can access it.


Written By: Simona Terron

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
15 November 2017

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