How to create an interesting backsplash

Jazz up your kitchen counter with these décor fixes

Now here’s one of the least thought-of spaces in the Indian household. The backsplash, the wall adjacent to the kitchen countertop and sink, is one of the last decorative decisions one makes. An essential ​section​ of the kitchen, its main function is protecting the wall from heat, grease, water and everything else​ that​ elaborate Indian cooking can splatter.

What is it?
Apart from its mere functionality, ​a ​​backsplash can really uplift a kitchen. It’s ​the ​easiest way to introduce some character to the usually ​staid​ space. Even for rentals, it’s a guaranteed and affordable way of making the kitchen your own by creating a focal point between the cabinetry and counter top.

There are several easy and innovative ways to create a unique backsplash. Most people only create a half wall backsplash but if you have the budget, time and inclination, you can even panel the full wall. Why? Because no one said you cannot.

What to choose?
Want to work the Scandinavian, modern, minimal look, then look no further than the old school white tiles. Avoid the run of the mill look by opting for a grey coloured grout. If you would rather go with colours, try patterns. Instead of going for a single colour tile, pick a hue that contrasts​ your cabinetry. If you are worried that you may get bored of one pattern soon, try mixing it up and create a patchwork of patterned tiles. While you’re at it, the market also has stainless steel tiles that will look great in a modular kitchen but requires regular maintenance.

Another, slightly more expensive but equally beautiful option, is back painted glass that’s available in every​ conceivable colour​.​ We have been dreaming of dainty mosaics for our kitchens. An alternative would be using outdoor treatments indoor. Wouldn’t a pebble stone backsplash look simply fabulous?

For small spaces, deviate from the tile and opt for a mirror-finish glass instead. It can work wonders in making ​the kitchen look larger. Another quick fix is using vinyl wallpaper to line the backsplash area. Not only will you get thousands of options to choose from, vinyl is also waterproof, humidity resistant and can be scrubbed down gently when needed.


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