5 ways to use cake stands as décor

Ever thought of cake stands as decor? Give that cake stand a modern twist with our Christmas décor ideas

With Christmas at our doorstep, we decided to give the modern cake stand a twist to make festive décor at home a little more festive. Who says cake stands were meant only for cakes?  We disagree. Here are our five handy Christmas décor ideas for that cake stand.

1.    Use cake stands as table décor: We love shopping for little Christmas tree trinkets. You can fill up the cake stand with fake snow and          your Christmas trinket haul and use this to style your Christmas feast table.   

2.    Improvise as a fruit stand:  If you have traditional silver cake stands, you can create a decadent look with fresh fruit piled up high on

3.    Create your own dessert stand: Create a vintage themed table setting with a cake stand filled with cookies and desserts. Use a
       cloche to cover up the cake stand and your table is good enough to eat!

4.    Use cake stands for a floral bouquet: You can also turn your cake stand into an improvised floral bouquet stand. Buy a floral foam
       brick from your local florist, and cover up the surface with flowers of your choice.

5.    As a décor accessory: Use your cake stand as a table accessory on its own. Style it with vintage lace, old fashioned bound books and
       there you have a Victorian themed table setting with the minimum amount of fuss.


Written By: Bindu Nair


Décor Ideas
24 December 2016

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