There’s no two ways about it – an organised kitchen is key for fuss-free cooking. We tell you how you can make the most of your space in 8, easy to follow steps

We’ve often caught ourselves day dreaming about food, thinking about what we want to binge on for the next meal. And while we will make an event out of preparing our meal, even talking to the camera a la Masterchef, we’ve also found ourselves hunting for the salt, masalas or the other. If you too find yourself wishing for some extra space to pull off your signature culinary move, read on to know how you can organise your kitchen better:

1.    Invest in some drawer dividers – these will help organise your ladles, spatulas, kitchen scrapers, spoons, forks, etc. So, you don’t have
       to ruffle through multiple drawers or worry about accidental knife cuts when looking around for a simple tong

2.    Flat lid dustbins are a boon – these will fit into any drawer, so you don’t have to store them separately. This will also help segregate
       your waste effectively and prevent foul odours

3.    Angular / angled kitchen containers are a blessing in disguise. These not only make use of your cabinet doors, but also help utilise
       awkward corners in the kitchen, giving you more space to store all those snacks

4.    Use small, clear jars to store your spices and seasonings. This ensures you have everything in your line of sight while cooking and as a
       bonus, they look cute too

5.    Effectively compartmentalise and store your knick-knacks by using pigeonhole cabinets

6.    Create a play of levels in the kitchen by using stackable storage that draws the eye upwards. This also means you will have more
       counter space to work on

7.    Banish lingering odours in the kitchen with aromatics, scented candles and even potpourri. This will ensure your kitchen smells fresh

8.    If you thought flowers, art and even family photographs are limited to the living and bedrooms, think again. Place these in
       the kitchen, on your countertop or atop the fridge for a pop of colour

Location courtesy, Sleek Kitchens

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