Transform an ordinary bookcase or wall unit instantly with this inexpensive DIY hack

We’ve all got 'em - dated pieces of furniture that are practical but far from stunning. Fortunately, the holidays are here and if you have a few leftover wallpaper scraps and a whole gaggle of kids to pitch in and help, try this.

Start by digging through your stash of wallpaper scraps - you know, the ones you still have because they’re too pretty to throw away! Before you start, make sure you have enough of clean, usable pieces to complete your project and don’t be afraid of a little mix-n-match if it comes down to that. Borrowing and stealing from friends and family is totally allowed and may yield a few lovely surprises.

Wallpaper is ideal for a whole range of home updates, but to us, a beautiful print and a set of shelves are a match made in decor heaven. Lining the back of a unit is an inspired way to create a fresh, new vibe. It’s also the easiest way to highlight your favourite books, unique showpieces, and plants. Go ahead, give it your most creative shot, and show us your masterpiece by giving us a shout out on Instagram.

Here’s what you’ll need:
●       Soft board
●       Wallpaper of your choice
●       Cutter
●       Scissors
●       Adhesive

4 steps to a fabulous wall unit
1. Measure the size of your shelf and cut the soft board accordingly

2. Now cut the wallpaper in the same size

3. Stick the wallpaper with adhesive and smoothen it out

4. Let dry completely before you fit your DIY panels on the shelves

Voila! You spruced up unit is complete.

Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Written By: Tanya Siqueira

Contributing Writer

Videography By: Red Kite Studio

Décor Ideas
13 June 2019

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