Make your own DIY storage basket

Learn how to make your own storage carton out of discarded cardboard boxes

Materials required:

1.     1. 5 meter of fabric

2.     An old carton box (size 20” X 12” X 12”)

3.     Jute thread – set of 12 for 0.5cm thickness

4.     Fabric glue


1.     Apply glue on the carton box, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Carefully, cover the glued section with jute rope, wrapping it layer by layer to cover the carton box completely.

2.     Ensure that there are no gaps when you are layering the rope around the carton. The thicker the rope, the better. If you see gaps, push the rope closer together before the glue dries.



3.     Measure the height of the carton with the fabric, mark an additional four inches. Cut the fabric in that height. The breadth of the fabric should cover all sides of the carton. Line the inside of the fabric with glue. 





4.     Line the inside of the box with the fabric.

5.     Measure the inside base of the box, and cover that with the required length of fabric as well.




6.     Fold the extra portion hanging outside in a two inch wide fold.



7.     Your basket is ready!

Production & Styling by: Nidhi Tiwari


Photography by: Pulkit Sehgal


Décor Ideas
17 January 2017

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