A quick and easy way to create terrazzo-patterned wall art with your kids

Summer’s here, the school’s out and the kids are in. We know what you’re thinking? What can be done to keep the kids occupied? Fortunately, we have an easy, practical answer to your dilemma. Faking an abstract terrazzo pattern with paint lets you indulge in adding a touch of home-made art to your walls and allows you to spend some quality time with your child.

The best place to start is of course, your kid’s room, which would inevitably bear the prints of their creativity. Or pick a wall that is in dire need of painting. Before you get started, take a look at how it’s done.

We show you how to get that distinctive texture using abstract patterns, some really good shades of paint, a bit of imagination and by recruiting your child for some fun around the house. We were inspired by House on a Sugar Hill’s Jodi Geralyn Bond’s DIY terrazzo wall mural for her living room. And we hope you find your inspiration here.


Wall paints. You can also use any leftover paint that you might have lying around the house. We recommend these shades from the Asian Paints Colour Cosmos collection to make that wall pop.

·        Caspean Sea (code number 7294)

·        Corsican Sky (code number 7305)

·        Silk Route (code number 0N13)

·        Rich Prune-N (code number 9984)

Flat paint brushes

Roller brush (small)


Masking tape

Step 1
Draw abstract shapes on the wall, in varying sizes, with a chalk.

Step 2
Outline these shapes with masking tape to ensure that the paint doesn’t spill out. Even if you are good at painting with a brush, it is important to create a masking tape outline for the roller brush finish.

Step 3
Choose the colour you would like to fill in each shape, trying to maintain a balance of colours and yet ensuring a random pattern (because that’s what a terrazzo surface is all about).

Step 4
Involve your kids and ask them to colour each shape with the paint brush.

Step 5
Finish with a roller brush for a smoother effect.

Step 6
Once the paint has dried, remove the masking tape.

Step 7
Retouch the edges of each shape with a finer brush, if required.

Written By: Gauri Kelkar

Guest Contributor

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari & Shreya Bhimani


Videography By: Red Kites Studio

Décor Ideas
4 April 2019

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