We collaborated with The Flower Company to learn the basics of making an arrangement with flowers that are easily available at your neighborhood florist

It may seem like the most natural thing in the world, to add fresh, dewy flowers to dress up a corner of your home. But there is a subtle art to making it look effortless and just right. And because we want your summer to be as vibrant as possible, we are going to show you how it’s done—with some help from The Flower Company.

If you are worried that the sun and the heat will wilt the flowers too soon, opt for roses, chrysanthemums, goldenrods and yellow stocks. And read till the end for some maintenance tips.


Pink rose
-        Tuberose
-        Chrysanthemum
-        Yellow stock
-        Goldenrod
-        Glass vase
-        Gardening scissors
-        Plant food
-        Water

1.    Fill the glass vase with water till it is half full.

2.    Add some plant food and stir if necessary.

3.    Combine the tall flowers like the tuberoses and yellow stock with the greens in a crisscross manner.

4.    Place this arrangement in the vase. This forms a sturdy base for the other (more colourful) flowers.

5.    Retain the flowers on the top of the chrysanthemum stem and get rid of the others flowers and the leaves.

6.    Group three chrysanthemums together and add them in two positions of the arrangement.

7.    Pluck extra petals and leaves from the rose, the stem should be absolutely clean.

8.    Now add the pink roses in groups of three at different positions to round out the arrangement.

9.    If any spots look blank or flat, add in some goldenrod for texture.

10.  Check if the final arrangement looks balanced in terms of the colours and ensure that no area looks flat.


If you are working with only one variety of flowers, watch our DIY-video on how to get innovative and create a simple yet stunning arrangement.

-        White rose
-        Goldenrod
-        Kamini leaves
-        Glass containers in varying shapes and sizes
-        Gardening scissors
-        Water


1.    Select the flowers and the greens for each container, trying to create variations. You can place only flowers or only greens in some
      of the containers.

2.    Pluck extra petals and leaves from the rose, the stem should be absolutely clean.

3.    For the greens, remove the leaves from the bottom end of the stem.

4.    Measure the flowers and the greens against the height of the chosen container.

5.    Cut them by making an incision diagonally so that they can soak up more water.

6.    Fill half of all the four containers with water.

7.    Place the flowers and the greens in the container chosen as per the pre-decided pairing.

Cut out the leaves from the stems so that they don’t end up as flotsam in the water-filled vase.

●    Use lukewarm water.

●    Clean out the water regularly; use plant food regularly too, if possible.

●    When you choose a spot for the arrangement in the house, make sure it isn’t one that gets hit by direct sunlight.

Written By: Gauri Kelkar

Contributing Writer

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


Photography By: Madhurjya Saikia


Videography By: Red Kites Studio

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18 April 2019

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