Multifunctional dining spaces for small apartments

Co-founder of Mumbai based design studio MuseLAB, Jasem Pirani outlines the multiple uses of a dining room in a small apartment

With a low inventory of affordable housing available, space now comes at a premium price. With evolving lifestyles and changing eating habits, not all family members eat together every day. So, we are compelled to question if the traditional use of a dedicated dining space within a small house is applicable anymore. Here are some thoughts on what a dining space or even table could function as when not being used for its primary purpose.

1.    As a home office:
A home office or study is one instance where the dining table could double up as a larger work surface, allowing you to spread out paper work and organising yourself. Reference books too, can be kept on the table, leaving the floor clutter free. The dining alcove can also be dressed up with pretty lights, a rug and inspirational accessories for an ideal meeting space within the home.

2.    Activity Space:
Walls in the dining space can be lined with books and the big cosy table could become the perfect place to read. This space could also double up as an artist's studio for bringing out the canvas and painting away.

3.    Play area:
The dining space could also function as a playroom with dedicated storage space for toys, games and art supplies, so that they can be tucked away during meal times. Board games within the dining space can help encourage more family time over the use of personal handheld devices.

For a flexible dining space to work efficiently, the walls need to be planned well with a credenza or two and a series of shelves to help keep the space in order and harmoniously function as a dining space and more.


Written By: Jasem Pirani

Guest Contributor

Décor Ideas
24 January 2018


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