Decorating tips for a small dining room

Create more space in your small dining room with these innovative décor ideas

For the imaginative, space isn’t a huge constraint. All you need is some planning and ingenuity to overcome the set boundaries. Use these smart solutions to enhance the size of a small dining room.

1.      A floor to ceiling mirror will create the illusion of more space. Placing a table adjoining it can make a four-seater appear like a table
         for eight.

2.      Choose symmetrical and streamlined furniture for an organised look, which looks spacious.

3.      Use a glass top to make the space look open. Similarly, opt for chairs with smaller frames and no arms. Acrylic chairs look lighter
         and airy compared to wooden ones.

4.      In case of a rectangular table, replace two chairs with a single, long bench to cut the bulk. For drama, replace the bench with a

5.      To hang above the table, choose chandeliers that are small and delicate rather than elaborate and bulky.

6.      Use wall mounted folding tables with flaps that can be pulled up when you need more table space. Folding chairs can come in
         handy when extra guests walk in.

7.      Choose sheer curtains/ blinds as opposed to blackout ones. Light monochromatic shades with colourful accents give an impression
         of more room.

8.      Floating shelves on the wall instead of a sideboard cabinet also makes the place visually light.


Written By: Jyotsna Bhagat

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
15 December 1027

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