Sole Sisters' guide to organising your shoe closet

A shoe can change your life, if you don’t believe us, ask Cinderella. Amusing as it is, caring for them is not hard as you think it is. We got Chondamma Cariappa of Sole Sisters to help

One can never have too many shoes. And when you have one too many then it's important for to know how to take care of them. We go to great lengths to take care of our clothes but often ignore our shoes. A big mistake, because shoes can make or break your look. So it's time to start treating your shoes with as much love and care as you treat your clothes. 

Here are a few tips on how to go don your organising hat:

Storage is an issue especially in metros where space is restricted. You could organise your shoes based on the following:
-    Colour

-    Style (heels and flats or formals and casuals) 

If you keep shoes in their original boxes, label them, or better yet, stick a photo to the box for easy identification.

During monsoons to avoid moulds on leather shoes, you could place a silica gel sachet along with the shoes in a box. These sachets absorb all the moist from the air and keep the fungus at bay. 

Avoid your patent leather shoes from getting wet. Clean them with a soft cloth and a solution of vinegar and water. This also prevents cracking. Pure leather can be conditioned with coconut oil.


Written By: Chondamma Cariappa

Guest Contributor

Décor Ideas
9 January 2017

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