Quirky bedside table designs

Retire your vanilla side table to jazz up your bedroom with our alternate suggestions. Read on to find out more

Who said you can’t have fun with your existing bedroom interiors? All it takes is a little innovation and some resourcefulness to turn around the room by mixing some furniture. Find out how you can give a facelift to your sleep corner by simply changing the side table.

1.    Swap your nightstand for etageres (open shelf-like unit for displaying jewellery) or open shelving units like a tall, narrow bookshelf or
       a ladder shelf.

2.    Consider wall mounted pieces like floating, horizontal or box shelves lined to the ceiling.

3.    Invest in lamp combinations like a floor lamp with an attached table or lamp with open shelves.

4.    If there’s enough space next to your bed, you can place a bench or even a simple metal / wooden chair.

5.    Larger bedrooms can accommodate a narrow console or chest of drawers. Try a mirrored one to add a bit of drama.

6.    Hanging shelves are a great way to bring a little fun to your room.

7.    Sand down an old wood stool or give it a coat of distressed paint. Step stools and ottomans also work well. 

8.    Place a stack of coffee table books or magazines and add a tray on top to make sure the books don’t get damaged.

9.    Stack vintage suitcases or metal trunks one on top of the other.

10.    If you have pets, a wood box or cat tree can work as a nightstand and pet bed. Cover the top of a pet carrier with a piece of wood
        or glass to give it a finished look and place a blanket inside to make it comfortable.

11.    Refurbish that old bar cart or trolley as a bedside table with open shelves. Paint it a dull gold for a metallic highlight in the room.

12.    Wooden crates work well when placed sideways. Place one on top of the other for height and added storage. 


Written By: Nadezna Siganporia

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
4 December 2017

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