Organise your dresser

If you, like us have a love for pretty things and are borderline OCD and can’t help bending backwards (literally) to find that matching earring, fret not. We show you how dressing up can be fun again with tips to tidy up the dresser

There’s something very indulgent about sitting at the dressing table, amid your favourite perfumes, admiring your ring collection while you get ready to take on the day. Here’s how you can do it in style…

Get the basics right
Do your homework by measuring the space designated for your new dresser. The addition of a large piece of furniture can alter the room’s décor so be sure of the kind of look you want to achieve. Vanity dressers are available in every shape, size and material. All you have to do is look in the right place. Ask yourself if you prefer a contemporary vanity or one that leans towards antique or one that’s strictly functional.

Collect and store in one place
One of the best functions of a vanity dresser is it allows you to keep all your jewellery, accessories, makeup and brushes in one place. It helps cut down on dressing time so you don’t have to run around looking for stuff. In a way, it forces you to be organised too. For people like me who love their accessories and hoard their makeup, a vanity with plenty of storage is just the answer. Try finding one with a lock and key to keep your precious stash safe from prying sisters.

Make it twice as useful
Place it right next to your side of the bed and double it up as a bedside table as well as writing or laptop desk. If you want a more basic dresser, you could also turn the bathroom sink into a larger vanity unit, complete with drawers and a small settee. Space saving and multi-tasking, what more could one want!

Declutter is the key to happiness
Scattered tabletop displays look great in movies…not in real life. Eventually time will catch up and before you hit Thursday, the vanity will be a mess. Instead, keep the tabletop accessories to a minimum. Shove everything inside and only leave absolute essentials on top.

Keep it in control
Designate drawers and stick to it – one for haircare, another for skincare, another for eye products etc. Invest in drawer dividers, nail polish/lipstick racks and clear zip lock bags to get your organizing game on. Put yourself on a strict “Two Out, One in” diet – mean you have to use up two products before you buy yourself one new product. Yes, it’s a bit harsh but extremely effective to finish up those expiry date chasing cosmetics.



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