How to choose the right bed

Planning on buying a new bed? Read our quick tips on choosing the right one for you before you buy

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, so choosing one that is functional, durable and fits your style can be a bit overwhelming. Making a calculated choice would be a wise thing to do before taking the plunge.

Size-up your room

For starters, measure your bedroom and have a furniture layout in place before you start browsing for options. Pen down the essentials you would need – bedside tables, chest of drawers, wardrobe, dressers, etc (see our list of bedroom essentials here) before deciding on what bed you want.

Consider the tallest person

The bed should be at least four to six inches longer than the tallest person in your house. This should give you a starting point for shortlisting the kind of bed you need. 

Visit a few stores

You can’t really get a good idea by looking at pictures of furniture on a screen. Exploring stores allows you to look at different styles, shapes, sizes, designs and finishes to suit your needs.

Choose a style

Next, think about what features you want in your bed. Consider storage as an important aspect – you can stash everything you don’t use regularly here. If you enjoy bed time reading, opt for a cushioned headboard so you can lean on it comfortably. If your room is large, hang a canopy or opt for a four-poster bed with sheer curtains.

Choose the material

Wooden beds are popular as they are durable and can be found in several finishes – veneer, laminate and even paint. Wrought iron beds look sleeker and are fairly easy on the pocket.

Buy a new mattress

If you are opting for a foam mattress, it would be ideal that your bed have wooden slats. Buy your mattress and bed at the same time so they wear out together.

Read before you book

With so many options available on the internet, it becomes imperative to read reviews before buying. The best bed for you may not be the most expensive one. The cheapest bed may not be the most comfortable. It always helps to know another’s experience before making the purchase.


Written By: Jyotsna Kanal

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
22 March 2018

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