5 beds, 5 styles

Our pick of five bed styles to suit every taste

Think all beds are created equal? Not quite. We tell you about the five kinds of beds you can have in your home, depending on your style, budget and needs.

1. Tufted Beds

Tufting enhances the elegance of an upholstered headboard while adding texture. Blind-tufting which looks great in a contemporary setting uses a stitch detail to finish the look. Button-tufting which is perfect for a traditional setting uses buttons usually covered in the same fabric to hide the stitches. When it comes to shapes, grid-tufting lends a modern look, diamond-tufting is better suited for a classic feel and panel-tufting is perfect for a sleek style. You can add an interesting visual element by opting for pleats in the fabric that connect the tufts.  

2. High-back Beds

A high back bed comes with a tall headboard which can be a very attractive décor feature in the bedroom. A multitude of fabrics and materials can be used to make a high back bed. The most common style is the upholstered bed with a rectangular, padded headboard which can be plain or tufted. Sometimes the padded headboards can have wings on either side to create a welcoming cocoon of sorts.

3. Four-poster Beds

Four-poster beds have four vertical columns extending high above the bed from each corner, sometimes supporting an upper framework. They tend to look bulky and work best in larger bedrooms. For an antique look, go in for a wooden frame with ornate carvings on the columns. A contemporary setting will work well with a simple frame made from wood or metal. Add a romantic touch by draping sheer fabric from the upper framework.

4. Wrought iron beds

For a look that is less bulky but has a touch of vintage charm, consider a wrought iron bed frame. These are available in a vast array of designs which can work well in most room styles from soft and romantic to sleek and modern to rustic and chic. Sturdy in design, iron beds can come with headboards and footboards attached to the main framework. They also tend to be cheaper on the pocket.

5. Bespoke Beds

Bespoke beds are the perfect way to make use of great design while adding your own personalised touch. These beds are designed in such a way where you can personalise different features according to your needs and tastes while maintaining the basic framework. Features like size of the bed and headboard, fabrics and colours of the upholstery, kind of storage available and mattress can be tailor-made to give you that one-of-a-kind bed (see our stories “How to choose a headboard” and “How to choose a mattress”).


Written By: Nadezna Siganporia

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
25 April 2017

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