Create a cosy bedroom nook

Style your bedroom corner to make it a space that you enjoy coming back to everyday

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home and styling it in a way that reflects your taste makes it a welcoming place to come back to, at the end of a tiring day. Creating a bedroom nook that’s personal requires a little understanding of the kind of objects that you would like to surround yourself with.

If you are up for some DIY inspired tips, you can opt for stencils on one part of your bedroom wall. If that seems like hard work, decals work just as well.

If your bed is surrounded by walls on two sides, then consider layering up one side with an abundance of cushions. Style this corner with a string of fairy lights or a night lamp. If your bed is next to a window, you can style the window ledge with personal décor objects and short, potted plants. Alternately, you can hang things from the ceiling. We love this idea from architect Anjali Mangalgiri’s home of creating a hanging mobile with personal images. In this case, she hung postcards of the works of her favourite Art Masters from a mobile that hangs above her bed. 


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