Bedside table ideas for a small bedroom

Don’t let a small space keep you from getting your dream bedroom. Improvise and adapt our bedside table ideas to save space

Your bedside table can say more about you than any other part of the house. Ditch the typical boxy ones and choose from these distinct ideas to style the corner, especially if you have space constraints.

1.    Wall-mounted shelves
Save space by mounting up wooden or MDF shelves on the wall. Place one or more, at an arm’s distance and ensure you have everything you need without getting off the bed.

2.    Travel bags
This is an excellent way to “store” your trunks and suitcases, while giving them another purpose. Start by placing one atop the other to meet the height of your mattress for easy access to your bedside essentials.

3.    Rustic ladder
Repurpose an old ladder into an open shelved nightstand. Give it a distressed look or repaint to match the bedroom décor. Use the gap underneath as storage space. 

4.    Swing
All you need is a plank, strong, long ropes and holders in the ceiling to create a gardenesque look in the bedroom. To complete the scene, place a planter among your belongings.

5.    Books
Take a pick of your favourite books and stack them vertically atop each other to create your very own bookshelf-style bedside table.

6.    Planter stand
Bring in the outdoors by placing a planter storage stand inside your bedroom. It offers enough space to store items and also gives the bedroom a minimalist, organic look.


Written By: Anamika Butalia

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
8 February 2018

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