Bed types for different bedroom styles

Pick the right bed for your bedroom style with this quick guide

We know it’s not easy picking a bed. After all, it has to be the most comfortable thing in your house, considering you will spend at least about eight to ten hours in it. However, you don’t want it to look like an eye-sore in your beautiful bedroom, so how do you pick a bed that will fit right into your interiors? The good news is that most types of beds can be adapted to suit a myriad of décor styles. We’ve listed which ones broadly work with five styles.

A four-poster bed works beautifully with traditional, ethnic, European or Colonial style bedrooms. Columns with carved embellishments or a draped, fabric canopy will elevate the traditional look. These work better in larger rooms.

Modern décor focuses on simple form and functionality. Streamlined platform and box beds with straight linens and sleek designs work wonderfully with this style.

Contemporary design is ever changing and emulates popular, current styles. It’s fluid and hence, borrows from different styles without focusing on one. High-back, murphy or wall beds, fully upholstered beds and winged or tufted headboards are popular choices.

Focuses on open layouts, geometric forms and favours white and neutral colours. Simple platform beds, floor beds with a built-in base and pull down beds work well with this style. Look at uncomplicated, straight lines and a material palette of natural wood or wrought iron. These types of beds also work with industrial chic décor.

This style blends traditional flourishes with modern design resulting in an elegant space that is comfortable and classic. Modest sleigh beds with curved headboards and footboards are great additions. Consider panel beds as well. They have a straight, high headboard, low footboard and side panels – all in natural wood. They also have headboards and footboards made of wood slats, metal rods, wicker or upholstery.


Written By: Nadezna Siganporia

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
26 April 2018


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